Tips for nursing mothers during homecoming to be comfortable in the feast of Eid

The holiday is identical to the name of returning home or returning home. Who says Mother's breastfeeding can not go home? Could be! Breastfeeding is not at all a barrier for going home.

Want to know how good tips for nursing mothers to be comfortable going home during the holidays?

Let's see more.

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Tips for nursing mothers during homecoming to be comfortable in the feast of Eid

Maintain Body Condition before returning home

The main thing that needs to be prepared for your comfortable homecoming is health. To maintain the condition of your body needs to consume fruits and vegetables are high in fiber content such as spinach, beans, cabbage, etc. In addition, the need for vitamins you must also meet. Do not force to go home when the body is sick, yes!

Prepare Suitable Transportation

Private car is most comfortable to use when going home. You can adjust the most comfortable seating position by using a car seat to put the baby during your trip. Avoid going home by motorcycle. Motor has a high risk for your safety and the Baby.

Wear the right clothes when returning home

You also need to pay attention to the clothes you use when going home for easy breastfeeding in the vehicle. Wear a buttoned shirt for easy opening anywhere and anytime. Prepare your button-shirt stock. If you use hijab, use a simple hijab style like a square hood and avoid using pashmina.

Use Breastfeeding Cloth

Breastfeeding or apron coverings are indispensable for those of you who want to breast-feed on the journey without being embarrassed. Apron is used to cover all breasts and babies so it is comfortable to breastfeed on the go. Choose an apron material from cotton to avoid heat when worn. Select the apron top of the mesh cloth so that the baby gets air circulation and can see your face.

Wear Bra Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding bra or breeast pad is of course very important to use when you have to breastfeed outside the house, especially when going home. Breastfeeding bra makes it difficult to remove the bra, just open the cover on the areola. This type of bra can also support the breaast maximally when full milk, so it is very practical. Choose the type of bra made from cotton and has a strong buffer but not from the wire.

Prepare a Breastfeeding Cushion

It is no less important is to prepare a pillow for breastfeeding. This breastfeeding pillow is useful to reduce the feeling of stiffness in the hands caused for supporting the baby's head during breastfeeding. Choose a breastfeeding pillow with the right size according to body size. In addition, look for a breastfeeding pillow equipped with toys to be a baby entertainment during your homecoming trip.

Provide Always Cool Box

After doing the breast pump, put the milk in the bottle of breast milk, then store it in the cool box . Cool Boxes are boxes filled with ice cubes. Cool box is used to keep the condition of milk milk for 24 hours.

How do you breastfeed to stay fast?

Do not Forget Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is essential for always being taken everywhere. Hand sanitizer is used to clean your hands from germs before holding the breast when you are breastfeeding. Select hand sanitizer containing alcohol above 60%.

Well, that's the tips for breastfeeding mothers still go home with comfortable! You can find your breastfeeding needs when going home.

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